Henderson3-story small household elevatorExports continue to increase
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The compensation chain and rope shall not collide with the shaft or other components during the operation of the elevator.The beam edge distance is too small: The method of shortening the lower platform is to shorten the total length of the escalator, but note that the range of shortening is very limited, generally not exceeding mm. Generally, the platform cannot be shortened because it contains equipment such as cabinets and motors. Change the angle of the escalator from degrees to degreesHendersonWhen encountering abnormal elevator operation, HZ, and the lighting power supply should be single-phase V, HZ. The incoming line should be connected to the vicinity of the machine room entrance and equipped with an incoming socket. Specializing in product and renewable resource business, including: home elevator manufacturersBalad, users can be required to make a circle of beams at a certain height, arranged on three sides, and disconnected on one side of the elevator entrance. The distance between the center heights of the beams depends on the product model, and the thickness should be the same as the wall. The lower ring beam is -mm away from the bottom of the pit, and the higher ring beam is -mm away from the lower surface of the shaft roof. The completed framework with a solid brick structure shaft can be equipped with steel plywood at the position of the fixed guide rail support frame. The position and size of the plywood are provided by the elevator, and the user is responsible for providing materials and construction. If the shaft structure is made of hollow bricks without ring beams, steel beams can be considered to be added between the frames for rectification.When the normal power supply is cut off, the lighting inside the non fire elevator has no power,HendersonStage lifting platform, while there is still lighting inside the fire elevator.The front room of the fire elevator is equipped with indoor fire hydrants.

Henderson3-story small household elevatorExports continue to increase

The call button on each floor is no longer working, and the call is cut off.These phenomena are not elevator malfunctions. When the elevator is fully loaded, the elevator does not stop: to avoid overloading, the elevator car no longer responds to the next station's outbound call.The compensation chain and rope shall not collide with the shaft or other components during the operation of the elevator.Professional is kingThe speed limiter tensioning device and the steel belt tensioning device should be equipped with a safety switch.The compensation chain and rope shall not collide with the shaft or other components during the operation of the elevator.  “& rdquo; Elevator shaft: The design conditions are provided by the user to the architectural design department. The architectural design department analyzes whether the on-site pit depth, top floor height,HendersonHydraulic stage elevator, reaction force, etc. can meet the installation requirements of the elevator, as well as which building structures are needed (such as smashing stairs or floors), and develops a renovation construction plan. If it is indeed necessary to change the elevator structure due to civil engineering conditions (such as car size, door opening width, etc.), then consider the non-standard design of the elevator.

Henderson3-story small household elevatorExports continue to increase

There are dedicated operation buttons for firefighters at appropriate positions at the entrance of the first floor elevator. The operation buttons are generally protected by glass sheets and have a red&# quo; mark in place; Dedicated to fire protection; Words such as.target,The compensation chain and rope shall not collide with the shaft or other components during the operation of the elevator.Overloaded elevators do not operate: The load of elevators is limited, and if they are overweight, they will alarm and generally cannot be started. Most passengers can also voluntarily exit.The door closing button has no self maintenance function. During the designated maintenance period, the elevator components in operation are inspected, refueled, dust is removed and safety devices are debugged. Including non-destructive testing and maintenance of elevator traction steel wire ropes.Henderson,Maintenance of elevator hall doors and car doors. Elevator malfunctions usually occur on the elevator hall and car doors, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hall and car doors. One is to refuel the fuel on the upper sill of the door and keep it in good condition, so that the elevator will not make unpleasant noises during operation and the opening of the door. Pay attention to the inspection of the safety contact plate or light curtain type contact plate switch wire of the elevator, as the frequency of opening and closing the door in the elevator is high, which can cause damage to the switch wire. This requires maintenance personnel to inspect it every time they work, and replace it in advance to avoid users having doubts about the quality of the elevator product due to door issues.Measure the beam edge distance between the upper and lower support beams. The measurement is to suspend the line from the upper support point to the ground for positioning, and then measure the horizontal distance from the positioning point to the edge of the lower support beam.The mechanical components of the elevator's traction machine require oil. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to check that the oil should be in the middle of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the lower scale,HendersonVilla Home Indoor Small Elevator, it means that the traction machine should be refueled. If not refueled, the elevator will not operate well for a long time, leading to the burning of the elevator traction machine and motor. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in a timely manner to keep the traction machine clean and in good condition.

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