El PragueFabrication and installation of cold storageCauses and prevention of
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When outdoor air enters the cold storage body, it will not only increase the cold consumption of the cold storage, especially the heat insulation structure, being damaged by moisture and freezing. Therefore, a moisture-proof and heat insulation layer should be set to keep the cold storage board building moisture-proof and air-proof performance and good sealing.The refrigerator compressor unit generally adopts high-end units with guaranteed quality and strong operation stability. The evaporator adopts the imported joint venture refrigeration air-cooled evaporator, which can effectively meet the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator and ensure the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. The refrigerator lamp adopts the special LED energy-saving lamp for the refrigerator, which has the advantages of low temperature resistance, low energy consumption and long service time, It can effectively save the operation cost of cold storage.El Prague,Frozen and refrigerated storage begins to shift to shelf and pallet storage in accordance with & amp; amp; ldquo; FIFO & amp; amp; rdquo; This is conducive to improving the quality of commodity storage and reducing losses.A large number of personnel are not allowed to select goods in the warehouse. Close the warehouse door in time. When the warehouse door is opened, pay attention to whether the air curtain is opened or the door curtain is placed properly. Turn off the lights when leaving the warehouse.Myers,There are many application scenarios of cold storage, which are different. For a long time, it provides various cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, on-site settlement, honest operation, and has offices all over the country for long-term cooperation. Different purposes functions and designs, so what needs to be understood in cold storage design?During installation, the plates shall be handled with care. Rough operation is strictly prohibited. Burrs shall be removed at the cutting opening to prevent scratching the plate surface and workers.Families will also be equipped with some simple refrigeration devices. For refrigeration devices such as cold storage, it is very important to select materials with good thermal insulation. Cold storage is a better material selection, and in the production process of cold storage, there will be no condensation in the cold storage of the plant. Condensation inside the cold storage or inside the insulation layer is harmful. Irreversible damage or deformation occurs in the new external insulation, and the external surface temperature of the external wall changes sharply. For example, the insulation and sound insulation effects of polyurethane insulation board are relatively good, which can be used in many industries. As we all know, the cold storage has great requirements for the thermal insulation effect of building materials. If the thermal insulation effect of building materials is not good, the cold storage will consume more energy during operation and can not guarantee a good refrigeration effect. The performance of polyurethane insulation board meets the construction requirements of cold storage, let's understand the physical properties of polyurethane insulation board.

El PragueFabrication and installation of cold storageCauses and prevention of

The quick-frozen warehouse is easy to load and unload. All the plates and walls of the quick-frozen warehouse are produced by molds. You can choose tens of millions of products. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, medical cold storage and transaction safety are guaranteed. Through internal concave convex groove connection fruit preservation cold storage, loading, unloading and handling are convenient. The installation period is short. Small and medium-sized cold storage can be delivered in - days, The library body can be combined, separated or increased or decreased according to the needs of users.After startup, first listen to whether the sound of the compressor is normal, and see whether the condenser and cooling fan operate normally.Cold storage design step: the selection of cold storage refrigeration system the selection of cold storage refrigeration system is mainly the use of cold storage refrigeration compressor and air conditioning evaporator. Generally, small and medium-sized refrigerators are dominated by fully enclosed refrigeration compressors. Due to the small output power of the fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, the price is relatively cost-effective; Small and medium-sized refrigerators are generally dominated by semi closed refrigeration compressors; Semi closed refrigeration compressor is adopted for large and medium-sized refrigerated warehouses. When adopting, ammonia refrigeration unit can also be considered. Because the output power of ammonia refrigeration unit is large and can be used for machine use, but the installation and management of refrigerated warehouses are cumbersome. When using the air-conditioning evaporator, the high-temperature cold storage uses the industrial cold fan as the air-conditioning evaporator. Its characteristic is that the temperature reduction speed is faster, but it is easy to lead to the water consumption of the cold collection; Medium and ultra-low temperature refrigerators are dominated by seamless evaporation pipe slots, which is characterized by very good temperature control effect and moderate cold storage.device management,Requirements for refrigeration equipment in quick freezing warehouse: the strict sealing of quick freezing warehouse is obviously different from that of ordinary quick freezing warehouse. Therefore, all through wall pipelines must be equipped with sleeves, the frost flushing water return pipeline must be equipped with U-shaped bend water seal, and the main frost flushing and return pipeline outside the warehouse shall be equipped with air filling port to prevent the gas in the warehouse from being pumped out of the warehouse by negative pressure. In addition, due to the good sealing of the quick freezing warehouse, the set fluctuation range of the warehouse temperature should not be too large to prevent excessive positive and negative pressure from damaging the warehouse body.Operating the unit: regularly observe the oil level and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it shall be solved in time to avoid adverse effects.Indirect cooling is that the air in the warehouse is pumped into the air cooling device by the blower. The air is absorbed by the evaporation pipe circling in the cooling device, and then sent to the warehouse for cooling. The advantages of air cooling are rapid cooling, uniform temperature in the warehouse, and can bring harmful gases such as carbon oxide out of the warehouse during storage.

El PragueFabrication and installation of cold storageCauses and prevention of

The construction structure of structural cold storage can be brick concrete structure or steel structure, which can be determined according to their own budget and actual needs. At present, most cold storages are constructed with single-layer steel structure and are equipped with combined thermal insulation storage body, unloading platform, refrigeration system, system, pipeline system, etc. according to the actual needs of cold storage circulation.Where can I find it?, light and thin walls are made of rigid polyurethane foam at the same time as structural materials, making the whole structure have the advantages of light weight, large span and high load. The thinner polyurethane sandwich plate can meet the relevant provisions on building energy consumption limit, which allows the use of thinner plates during construction and saves building space.If spraying is used, the tightness of warehouse doors and windows shall be considered.The closed cell structure and surface material of polyurethane rigid foam with good moisture-proof, waterproof and corrosion resistance make it have better air resistance and water vapor resistance, and it can be made into inlaid connection structure during forming,El PragueDesign of small cold storage, which is easy to assemble. It does not need additional insulating layer to prevent moisture and saves a lot of trouble in laying insulating layer.El Prague,The evaporator surface is too thick or too much dust, and the heat transfer effect decreases: another important reason is that the heat transfer efficiency of evaporator is low,El PragueCold storage installation, which is mainly caused by excessive frost or excessive dust on the evaporator surface.Establish a perfect computer network, make the distribution of refrigeration supply chain scientific, and achieve the traceability of food safety. In the European Union, the United States and Japan all members of the food supply chain have the legal responsibility to implement traceability.Another reason is that there are many refrigerants in the system. In this case, find the leakage point first, focus on the connection of each pipeline and valve, repair the found part, and then fill in sufficient refrigerant.

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