Chichi castellangoHollow self-propelled anchor rod manufacturerIntroduction to the device
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Answer: Yes, the elastic extension speed of the grouting pipe can be defined within a certain range in the design, but for a grouting pipe that has been designed, its elastic extension speed is certain.When the grouting pipe is laid, it shall be kept flat and tight without wrinkling, so that the grouting pipe has effective tension. After laying, it shall be rolled again with a clean steel wheel roller. Most urban roads use glass fiber grouting pipes with self-adhesive. The diameter of the glass fiber grouting pipe is . ~ times of the maximum particle size of the asphalt concrete surface aggregate. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than kN / m, so as to give play to the anti reflection crack performance of the glass fiber grouting pipe. It can also ensure the shear resistance and adhesive force of the adhesive layer of the glass fiber grouting pipe.Chichi castellango, the cutting rotating device rotates the cutting blade and pulley through a socket wrench to cut the casing wall.The existence of grouting pipe mesh restricts the lateral movement of soil. The lateral sliding deformation of the soil is limited by friction and interlocking engagement between the grouting pipe and the sand particles and the passive resistance of the sand particles to the grouting pipe, forming a good interlocking effect, so that the soil has better overall shear strength and bending stiffness.Mukacheve,Causes of wrinkling: the blanking specification of pipe joint is too long.Answer: according to the length and diameter, the weight of common grouting pipe is . ~ .KG,Chichi castellangoAdvance small conduit in tunnel construction, and the weight can reach several kilograms.Application scope and development space of grouting pipe as a new term, grouting pipe has gradually appeared in some online newspapers and periodicals, and its practical scope has also developed from the support of some basic automobile boot and engine cover to the machinery manufacturing industry,Chichi castellangoSmall catheter, used for the support of equipment accessories, vibration reduction of equipment, support of tool box cover, medical industry, fitness equipment and other fields. As its practicality is further recognized, its scope of application is becoming wider and wider. Some people in the industry asked: the application range of grouting pipe is becoming wider and wider. Does it have an impact on the original telescopic spring? In my personal opinion, it will not impact the original spring. Of course, it will have a certain impact, because most of the grouting pipes are innovations in the product design of some enterprises. For example, the rear box of a tricycle was originally supported by an iron bar (which is still useful). Now, the grouting pipe is very light, convenient and labor-saving. Some units do not know it, so its design has certain limitations, However, enterprises must be innovative in order to be ahead of their peers. We have been making grouting pipes for many years. Experience tells us that many manufacturers are now trying our grouting pipes and they have been officially used, with obvious effects. However, some enterprises do not know what the grouting pipes are, let alone their s, so they will be in a passive position. Therefore, we hope that some industries, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle, transportation equipment, box manufacturing such as tool boxes, medical treatment, fitness, kitchen cabinets, etc, If you need to know the and use of the grouting pipe, please feel free to consult me, and I will give you adviceThe stability of the grouting pipe is one of the important factors to control the stability of the whole foundation pit. Its erection must be accurate and in place, and prestress must be applied in strict accordance with the design requirements. In particular, attention should be paid to the stability of the diagonal bracing. During the diagonal bracing operation, every link of the installation must be carefully operated. At the same time, the steel purlin must also ensure its stability, strength and deformation requirements during the production and installation process. In addition, During the whole construction process from foundation pit grouting pipe erection to removal, the grouting pipe must be strictly monitored to ensure its stability. How to improve the bearing capacity of piles with grouting pipes in bored piles during the drilling process of large-diameter cast-in-place piles, the soil layer around the piles will become loose due to the agitation of the turning heads. In addition, the water immersion makes the soil layer that has started to loosen more loose. This problem can be effectively solved by grouting with grouting pipes. How to improve the bearing capacity of piles when grouting with grouting pipes?

Chichi castellangoHollow self-propelled anchor rod manufacturerIntroduction to the device

It has good air tightness, low gas permeability, strong sealing and no leakage.Grouting parameters such as grouting pressure and reinforcement radius can be determined through field tests according to geological conditions and engineering requirements. Grouting holes are generally arranged in an equilateral triangle or rectangle on the plane. The reinforcement radius of collapsible loess is generally .-.m, and the reinforcement depth is generally -m. The advantage of silicification method is that the grout has strong permeability and can quickly terminate the deformation of the foundation; It is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and is cheap, so it is widely used.In limestone area the punching is not good, the pipe is blocked due to the workers&#; carelessness and falling into small concrete blocks. The deformation and blockage of the grouting pipe bring great difficulties to the detection work, and even can not be detected. Therefore, when the grouting pipe is found blocked after the foundation pile is poured and before the inspection, effective measures should be taken to pass the pipe to ensure the smooth progress of ultrasonic inspection. Generally, there are three methods for passing the pipe: stabbing the grouting pipe with thick and long reinforcement,Chichi castellangoLeading small catheter, flushing and pigging with high-pressure water, and using a drill with a small drill to clean the hole.Design brand, It is a thermoplastic material, which can be processed and formed many times, providing convenience for hot melting and electrofusion connection of pipes.The grouting pipe at the tensioning end has good anchoring energy and self anchoring energy. Grouting pipe is generally used for tensioning. The grouting pipe at the tensioning end is composed of four parts: clip anchor plate, anchor base plate and spiral reinforcement. The clip is the key part of the anchoring system. It is two-piece and made of high-quality alloy steel.Plastic pipe plastic pipe has a low acoustic impedance, which is used as a grouting pipe and has a large acoustic transmission rate. It can usually be used for smaller cast-in-place piles. It should be cautious when used in large-scale cast-in-place piles - because large-diameter piles need to be poured with a large amount of concrete, and the hydration heat of cement is not easy to dissipate. In view of the great difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic and concrete, It may be separated from the concrete locally to cause air or water crevices, and add more strong reflection interfaces on the sound path, which is easy to cause misjudgment.

Chichi castellangoHollow self-propelled anchor rod manufacturerIntroduction to the device

A short section of screw end rod is welded on both ends of a single prestressed thick steel bar, and the nut and backing plate are sleeved to form the simplest grouting pipe. The pretension force is transmitted to the nut through the bearing force on the threaded slope of the screw end rod and then to the concrete components around the reserved hole crossing through the base plate.Let&#;s take a look at the prestressed machines and tools. The small editor of prestressed machines and tools reminds everyone that the screw end rod is made of cold drawn or heat-treated reinforcement, and the thread is fine teeth. The welding between the end rod and the prestressed reinforcement should be carried out before the cold drawing of the prestressed reinforcement. This grouting pipe can be used at the tensioning end and the fixed end. A general jack is used for tensioning, and the jack pull rod (with internal thread at the end) is tightened on the thread of the screw end rod for tensioning. After tensioning, tighten the nut and anchor the rebar. The advantages of this grouting pipe are relatively simple, and when the jack returns oil after the grouting pipe, the prestressed reinforcement basically does not slide. If necessary, facilitate re tensioning. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the length of prestressed reinforcement is high, and it cannot be too long or too short, otherwise the thread length is not enough.Quality improvement, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?Inner diameter: mm; Outer diameter: mm; Inner diameter tolerance: ± .mm; Length of each roll: m. The bottom of the horseshoe of the grouting pipe is too low. After the horseshoe is seated in the mold,Answer: it varies according to the model and elasticity of the grouting pipe, and its internal pressure can reach bar or more. The cooperation Specification between the saddle profile on the horseshoe of the grouting pipe and the core is too low. When the outer mold and the horseshoe surface are fitted together, the gap is larger than the thickness of the pipe wall, there is an active gap. Therefore, the Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturer kneads the pipe wall to form an 'eight' shaped wrinkle. performance of grouting pipe the grouting pipe is light in weight, has strong bite force with soil or gravel, is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant and easy to construct. It has high tensile strength (- times higher than that before stretching) and low elongation (only % - % of that before stretching). It is easy to cut and connect on site (polyethylene rope or connecting rod can be used for connection), and it can also be overlapped (the grouting pipe with overlapping buckle has been developed and can be connected without other materials) and the bending effect during construction is small. However, the grouting pipe has low hardness, poor mechanical damage resistance, and mechanical scars such as scratches and crushed stones will produce stress concentration, which will reduce the overall mechanical properties of the grouting pipe and the grouting pipe.

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