Lahti Horizontal slurry pumpPrecautions for use of tools
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  Rotate in the rolling direction until the friction between the impeller and the front guard plate stops, then use the adjusting bolt to move the rotor backward, record the forward and backward movement gap, evenly distribute it between the front and rear guard plates of the impeller until the gap between the impeller, the front guard plate and the rear guard plate is flat, stop, and tighten the two dust discs and fasten them on the shaft. adjustment  In addition to the method, materials shall be selected comprehensively according to the nature of corrosive medium, anti cavitation theory, protection should be done well, which should be a comprehensive optimization design method.Lahti ,  Huanya pump - long shaft deep well pump  After that, before starting again, check whether the impeller rolling is normal and whether the bearing assembly compression bolts are tightened, and then start the pump.Cambodia,  Submersible slurry pump In addition, the sewage pump is usually driven by a motor, which also requires some time og quantity when switching on and off, so in fact, it can be adjusted to a certain extent during use. The submersible slurry pump needs to use a line when in use  The water pump can be used to transport and pressurize clean water without impurities, such as apartment residence,Lahti Submersible sewage pump, villa water supply, factory water supply, water supply system,Lahti Horizontal slurry pump, drinking water system and water treatment. In short there are many uses.  The slurry pump should be larger. In addition to the existing industrial and mining applications of the vertical slurry pump, the submersible slurry pump can also be used as a mobile slurry pump, such as sand pumping and prospecting on board; What are the advantages of the submersible slurry pump? The advantage of the submersible slurry pump is that it is convenient and flexible, easy to operate and submerged

Lahti Horizontal slurry pumpPrecautions for use of tools

  The submersible slurry pump is developed to adapt to the increasingly complex working conditions and facilitate the use of users. Its use mode is more flexible. The equipment has advanced structure, wide flow passage, strong sewage discharge capacity, excellent material selection and strong corrosion resistance. Suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles,Lahti Two stage slurry pump, cinder and tailings. So what are the requirements for its work? Let&#;s understand briefly.  Fire fighting awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the improvement of fire fighting awareness, many people pay more and more attention to fire pumps. Some places also began to pay attention to the selection of fire pumps. In many places, fire control cabinets are also installed under the full set of fire control systems. In earlier years, it is necessary to select one that matches its power and speed. In addition, the cooling fan should be installed on the main shaft. It is also possible to appropriately increase the number of fan blades, but pay attention to adjusting the vacuum pumpAdministration,  With the continuous development of slurry pump technology, submersible slurry pump appears in response to market demand. It is especially suitable for the depth at which the vertical slurry pump cannot operate. The underwater part of the vertical slurry pump is generally not more than m and of course it can be more than. For example, the maximum design depth of our company&#;s underwater slurry pump can reach m, but such underwater depth is not the best operating depth of this kind of pump, so it will lead to the unreliability of the operation of the vertical slurry pump from time to time.   one method is to use ultrasonic method to detect whether the equipment has cavitation. This method is often convenient for re detection. Even if there is some noise in the surrounding environment, it will not affect the detection results. Therefore, many pumps tend to have better measurement results when in use.  The type selection planning of submersible slurry pump has a great impact on its service life and operation stability. A scientific and reasonable type selection plan will affect whether the slurry pump can achieve efficient operation. The operating power of the slurry pump is very high and the loss is small. Service life of flow passage parts of pump

Lahti Horizontal slurry pumpPrecautions for use of tools

  Although the shaft seal occupies a small position in the pump, the normal operation of the pump is closely related to the shaft seal.device management,  It is longer and saves production cost. The whole industrial and mining system operates stably and will not affect the work of the whole industrial and mining system due to the operation of the pump. When the rotating speed of the submersible slurry pump cannot be changed and the lift is higher than the required equipment lift, the cut impeller is usually used. The cut is  Correct the bent main shaft and adjust the position of the motor and the water pump to make them parallel.  The development of submersible slurry pump is to adapt to increasingly complex working conditions, facilitate users to use, and its use mode is more flexible. And it fills a part of the gap in the application of slurry pump. When the submergence depth is deep and there is no better slurry outlet, that is, in the traditional slurry pumpLahti ,  Different installation requirements: the vertical slurry pump needs to be fixed, while the submersible slurry pump does not need to be fixed. It can directly invade into the liquid for operation.  The water pump can be used to transport and pressurize clean water without impurities such as apartment, villa water supply, factory water supply, water supply system, drinking water system and water treatment. In short, there are many uses.   The slurry pump mainly aims at conveying flow, so the flow meter (meter) shall be installed in the operation monitoring system as far as possible to monitor whether the flow meets the requirements at any time; In the pipeline system, slag flushing system and pressure filtration dehydration system equipped with hydrocyclone, certain

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