GreveWhich is better, ceramic tile or wooden floorDoes the application improve work efficiency?
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The crystal surface is basically flat. It&#;s easy to take care of and clean up. Look at the section of the board.Greve,The formaldehyde emission of pure solid wood floor is very small. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use pure solid wood floor.Fourth, it is mainly the veneer thickness (decorative board thickness). The multi-layer solid wood floor has ,-, to , mm.Procupulet,Three look service LookLaminate flooring is suitable for meeting rooms, high-definition cleanliness laboratories, etc. it can also be used for the ground decoration of medium and high-grade hotels, restaurants and civil houses.Although laminate floor has moisture-proof layer it should not be used in wet places such as bathroom and toilet.The first is the type of raw material.When purchasing solid wood multi-layer wood floor, you should pay attention to whether the floor is the same material and whether the surface has defects such as crack rot, skin clip, dead joint, moth eaten, moldy and so on.The general high-quality solid wood multi-layer wood floor shall have clear lines and bright colors on the surface.

GreveWhich is better, ceramic tile or wooden floorDoes the application improve work efficiency?

SPC floor has a thickness of mm-mm, which is less than % of ordinary ground materials. It has incomparable advantages in building load-bearing and space saving in high-rise buildings.At the same time, it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation.SPC floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat discharge, small linear expansion coefficient and relatively stable.In Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, locking SPC floor is the preferred commodity of soil temperature and heat conduction floor, which is especially suitable for laying at home and public places, especially in the cold regions of northern China (suitable for Beijing).How to lay lacquer cloth?The construction procedures and methods are as follows: first, measure the structural size of the room accurately;Then cut the lacquer cloth according to the size.Note that the cutting width should be slightly larger than the required width to facilitate overlapping, matching and trimming during paving.The cut floor paint cloth shall be placed at room temperature of no less than ℃ for about hours, so that the crimped part of the floor paint cloth can be fully extended and ready for the final paving.Special adhesive shall be used for paving the floor paint cloth.Before paving,GreveWhich brand of laminate floor is good, the indoor ground shall be treated first.resources,At the same time, for those who pursue value, SPC fine floor is also a good choice.The price of this floor is reasonable but fashionable.The best choice. High cost performanceSecondly, the cracking of the paint surface of the wood floor has nothing to do with the wood floor itself,GreveCost effective laminate flooring, but the paint surface technology has nothing to do with it, or the long-term storm, the drying shrinkage of the wood floor and the cracking of paint wrinkles.

GreveWhich is better, ceramic tile or wooden floorDoes the application improve work efficiency?

Then look at the qualityAffordable price,GreveHow to deal with uneven floor leather, SPC floor has special anti-skid property. The more it meets water, the more astringent it is. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, you won&#;t leave scratches on the floor. If there are hard objects, check the ground hardness, which shall not be lower than MPa.Defects: small blisters can not be repaired after damage, and the upper foot is poor.Greve,First pay attention to the size of the board, and try to choose a wide board with a length of cm, a width of -cm and a thickness of cm, or a standard board with a width of cm and a thickness of cm.Precautions for solid wood floor installation : do not use the fixing method of wooden wedge and nail. Domestic cheap decorative paper is usually used. The pattern of this decorative paper is fuzzy. The biggest defect is that it is generally not UV resistant and will fade after sunlight.This is why some consumers reflect the discoloration of the places near the balcony and windows three or four months after the floor is installed. The base material is poor, medium and low density board or particleboard is used, the quality index is unstable, and the formaldehyde seriously exceeds the standard.

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