Pangkal Pinang Main transformer and distribution transformerStrengthen process control and promote production
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the transformer will be overloaded for a long time and it is easy to destroy machinery and equipment. Therefore, the rated capacity of the transformer should be selected according to the power consumption, which is not suitable for too large or too small.The main reason is that the welding quality of electric welding is poor, there are empty welding,Pangkal Pinang Power transformer s13-50, open welding, needle holes, sand holes and other shortcomings in welding. The oil transformer is easy to be covered with welding powder and paint when leaving the factory, and the potential safety hazards are exposed after operation. In addition, the electromagnetic induction vibration will crack the electric welding and lead to leakage.Pangkal Pinang ,Many people probably don't know much about the power distribution transformer manufacturers. In fact, the transformer can be plugged in for trial operation after careful inspection before capital investment. During the trial operation period, you must pay attention to the following points. Whether there is abnormal sound, whether there is abnormal smell such as coke smell, and whether there is discoloration caused by partial overheating. Ventilation is good. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following aspects.The heat discharge pipe of heat pipe radiator is generally made of slotted seamless steel pipe after flattening by stamping die. When the heat discharge pipe is bent and welded by electric welding, oil leakage is often caused. This is due to the supporting force on the surface of the pipe and the working pressure on the inner cavity when stamping the heat discharge pipe.Peter Robble,The power transformer belongs to relatively durable electrical equipment, and we can't neglect it in daily application. The common problems of power transformer conductor, power transformer winding and power transformer tapping power switch are analyzed below:Oil immersed transformerWhen the transformer is out of phase, if the second phase is blocked there is still no sound when the second phase is sent, and there is sound when the third phase is sent; If the third phase is blocked,Pangkal Pinang Main transformer of wind farm, the sound will not change, as in the case of the second phase. There are three reasons for phase deficiency:

Pangkal Pinang Main transformer and distribution transformerStrengthen process control and promote production

Method and process of taking oil sample of power transformerPower transformer is indispensable for power stations and substations, but we must pay attention to many problems in the whole process of applying power transformer.Brief introduction of zero line of power transformerindex,(II) the height width ratio of dry-type transformer pier installed on the ground is generally .m and a guardrail of no less than m shall be installed around it, and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.Therefore, in the operation prevention and regulation of relay protection dry-type transformer, it is necessary to find the short-circuit fault point according to the fault situation, lock the fault point, and analyze the short-circuit fault types of relay protection dry-type transformer. At the same time, if all fields are clear, disconnect the switching power supply at the fault point, the maintenance work of employees will be carried out smoothly, and the harm will not expand to a greater extent.The whole process of hanging the core of dry-type transformer is more critical, the hanging core of dry-type transformer should be carried out according to the above matters,Pangkal Pinang Dry type transformer scb10-100, so as to promote the safety of dry-type transformer!

Pangkal Pinang Main transformer and distribution transformerStrengthen process control and promote production

Performance and main parameters of common metal composites, various welding processes and machinery and equipment, preparation treatment of thick steel plate, blanking process, production and manufacturing process and quality standards of automobile oil tank, riser, coupling and oil storage tank cabinet, welding leakage test and NDT technology, surface treatment process and quality standards, copper, Production process and quality standard of aluminum shield; Body suit iron insertion process wire installation process, body dryness solution and dry transformer oil solution process, vacuum pump oil immersion, general installation process, leakage test and leakage detection process and quality standards. Performance parameters of key work clothes, machinery and equipment of each process flow; The natural working environment is basically regulated.Direct material,Connection group structure of dry-type transformerHow is the quality level of dry-type transformer compared with foreign countries?Operation and maintenance management of oil immersed transformerPangkal Pinang ,Brief introduction of zero line of power transformerOil leakage at looper flangeThe noise of dry-type transformer comes from

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