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1 How to use the webmaster Weibo?

You can tell everyone what you are doing, you can see what everyone is doing, or you can follow a few interesting people.

By the way, don’t forget to upload your profile picture so that everyone can see who you are.

2 You can use Weibo in the following ways:

1. The webpage, the address is

1. a>

2. Go to the Internet on the mobile phone, the address is

3. Update the message sent by the mobile phone SMS

4. Download the mobile client to update it

3 How to follow someone?

If you want to follow someone on the webmaster Weibo, just click the 'listen' link behind his profile in his space.

4 How do I get rid of someone’s attention?

Enter the friend's space and click 'Cancel' behind 'Listen' on the friend's homepage.

5 How to @a user?

When posting a new Weibo message, if you want @each user to directly enter '@' followed by the user’s nickname, and then a space after the user’s nickname, such as ' @H.Joeson ”

4 How to apply for user authentication?

For users who need to apply for authentication, please enter the User Authentication Center

< h2>5 How to report other users?

To report a user, please click the report button on the far right of the page to be reported, and submit the relevant information. We will deal with it in time after receiving the report.