BisegliUpatarPositioning method
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Especially suitable for steel structured factories, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.The angle between the wall bracket and the horizontal plane should comply with the requirements of the user manual.Bisegli,That's all for a brief introduction to the common types of electric elevators. I hope everyone can have a better understanding of this product. Currently, this product is selling well in China, as many places need to use this type of product that has both lifting function and flexible movement. Companies specializing in producing this type of product are now promoting it on a large scale through the internet,BisegliSichuan, Friends in need can directly find the corresponding companies on the internet and have a brief understanding of the models, and price information of these products. They can purchase directly through the internet.The foundation production and acceptance of electric elevators for foundation construction should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.Ha Tien,Mechanical devices controlled by cage movement should not be used to open or close the landing door.The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements, otherwise protective measures shall be taken.Speed limit wire rope switch. When the speed limit wire rope trips or breaks. Make the electric elevator unable to start.

BisegliUpatarPositioning method

When the foundation is set on the roof or floor structure,BisegliMorfita, the bearing capacity of its supporting structure should be checked.Correct use can also greatly improve work efficiency. So how should it be used?Setting requirements: The installation and dismantling workers, electricians,BisegliChangtan, and other operators of construction electric elevators should have special construction operations.How much does it cost?,During loading and unloading, the horizontal distance between the edge of the cage door and the edge of the landing station should not exceed mm.For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time, the editor briefly introduces how to maintain and repair the lifting platform: First of all, normal maintenance is mainly focused on prevention, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems, resulting in costly repairs.The quality of the standard section should comply with the product manual and specification requirements.

BisegliUpatarPositioning method

Drivers of construction electric elevators should hold special construction operations and are not allowed to operate without a certificate.Statistics,High lifting height, using side mounted oil cylinders, stable operation, noise free, easy maintenance and longer service life.Construction electric elevators must be equipped with lifting cages and reusable buffers, stage equipment should be dismantled with over travel switches that can cut off power and cannot be automatically reset it will take on the function of raising or lowering. In order to prevent the lift car from crashing or sinking, and installed in the machine room, rather than in the shaft; A buffer should be installed that can absorb the energy of the moving mechanism and reduce impact.Bisegli,The connection method and angle between the wall bracket and the building structure should comply with the requirements of the user manual.When the foundation is set on the roof or floor structure, the bearing capacity of its supporting structure should be checked.Setting requirements: The main connection methods between the wall bracket and the building include: connecting the wall bracket with the embedded parts on the wall; Fix with wall bolts; Embedded bolts; Welding with steel structures.

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