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Of The Earth II- Paintings by Mars Woodhill

From May 18, 2018 12:51 pm until June 29, 2018 2:51 pm
Categories: Art
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Corpus Christi, TX: K Space Contemporary is pleased to present OF THE EARTH II BY MARS WOODHILL, MAY 18 through JUNE 29, 2018 in the Corner Spot. Born in Austin, Mars Woodhill now lives and works on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The artist creates bio geomorphic abstractions in sculpture and painting. As Woodhill states, her work “is a celebration of nature - both the living and nonliving systems - fostering a deeper human connection to the earth.” Her process mimics how nature forms and manifests striations, craters, boundaries, and even new life forms. Woodhill hopes her work will invite viewers to a closer view of earth’s interrelated systems, thereby promoting more sustainable stewardship of land, sea and air. After obtaining her BA from Austin College with dual majors in History and Art (painting), Woodhill founded and operated a furniture and accessories company for 15 years based on her own designs. As a committed artist for the past 12 years, she has exhibited widely in Houston, throughout Texas, the Northeast and her work can be found in numerous private collections. As founder of the Texas Art House contemporary gallery, Woodhill curated solo and group exhibitions featuring renowned Texas artists, until returning to her studio work fulltime. Also on Display: at K Space May 18 – June 29 -Main Gallery: The Woods Journal by Barbra Riley -Gift Shop Gallery: Gerald Lopez -Schaudies Gallery @ K Space Art Studios: Originate by Lori Edwards

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