NiorZdunskavoraCan you work at height
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Setting requirements: The guide rail should be rigid and flexible components such as wire ropes or chains should not be used.The counterweight guide rail should meet the specification requirements.Nior,Lower limit switch: In normal working state, before the suspension cage touches the buffer, the lower limit switch first acts.Safety performance: Electric elevators not only have the safety device of traditional traction elevators, but also have an overflow valve to prevent excessive system pressure during upward movementKamyaranSmall safe operation distance: Circuit voltage (kV) of external power lines<~~~ Small safe operation distance (m) Setting requirements: A small safe distance should be maintained between the outer edge of the construction electric elevator and the edge of the external overhead power line.The use of a lifting platform as a tool for storing performance blankets, soft scenery, etc. In some theaters, there is a soft scenery storage lifting platform located at an appropriate location on the stage for the storage of blankets, soft scenery, with&quo; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, the lifting platform, side car platform, and rear car turntable perform a rapid transformation of the entire or partial scene. This arrangement allows for rapid switching of three full sets.In addition to fixed modes, there are also types of car mounted mobile devices. As the name suggests, this type of lifting device is a combination of lifting equipment and car mounted systems. It is very flexible to move, and of course, there are such lifting devices in airports, and car stations or sports stadiums may also be equipped with such devices, as they can be moved, So the scope of the operation is not limited to a specific place, but can be used wherever lifting operations are required. For example, when installing outdoor advertisements, some advertisements are relatively high in height. At this time, mobile lifting equipment can be used to transport billboards or staff to the designated height for work. This type of equipment can also be divided into two types based on the driving mode: hydraulic lifting and electric lifting. The so-called hydraulic lifting is the use of hydraulic oil to drive and reach a specified height. The electric mode is driven by a motor or teeth to lift to a certain height. However, currently, hydraulic lifting platforms are more widely used.With the continuous improvement of urbanization level in China, the number of high-rise buildings in urban areas has sharply increased, and the height of buildings has also continued to grow. This has created a demand for high-altitude lifting platform vehicles. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and the public, efforts will inevitably be made to design and produce high-altitude lifting platform vehicles.Welcome calls ,The landing door should meet the requirements of the specifications and achieve standardization.Flat screw mechanical electric lifting mechanism: The lifting platform of this structure has the advantages of small civil engineering coordination, shallow foundation pit required, large stroke stable operation, low noise, accurate positioning, and low cost. Adopting a horizontal screw drive and a scissor fork structure to achieve the lifting motion of the table, it can be stopped arbitrarily within the range of travel.To ensure safe and reliable braking of the lifting platform and prevent accidents, a hydraulic control one-way valve, also known as a hydraulic lock is added to ensure safe self-locking in the event of an accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline. An overload sound control alarm has been installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure. Electrical system explosion-proof button SB&flash; The rotation of the SB motor and the commutation of the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve are used to maintain load increase or decrease, and; Program adjustment time delay to avoid frequent movement of electric elevators that may affect their service life.

NiorZdunskavoraCan you work at height

Setting requirements: For construction electric elevators with foundations installed on roof slabs, floors, or other lower suspended structures, the bearing capacity of the foundation support structure should be checked. Click here to download the construction technical information for free. Basic drainage facilities should be installed.A complete range of products,Model Example: Hanging Cage Specification: LABSC/TDx Type I: ~ Type II: ~ Type V: ~ Technical Requirements: The load-bearing capacity of the foundation should be greater than P: P=(hanging cage weight+outer cage weight+total weight of guide rail frame+counterweight+load) x. (kN).That's all for a brief introduction to the common types of electric elevators. I hope everyone can have a better understanding of this product. Currently, this product is selling well in China, as many places need to use this type of product that has both lifting function and flexible movement. Companies specializing in producing this type of product are now promoting it on a large scale through the internet, Friends in need can directly find the corresponding companies on the internet and have a brief understanding of the models, performance,NiorIseron, and price information of these products. They can purchase directly through the internet.Setting requirements: Before starting work every day and changing shifts,NiorPreaching, record the inspection results,Niorpeitaiho, and report any problems found to the user unit.Nior,Drivers of construction electric elevators should hold special construction operations and are not allowed to operate without a certificate.Setting requirements: Drainage measures should be set up for the foundation of construction electric elevators to ensure smooth drainage.Emergency manual valve: In case of power failure, it can cause the car to descend to the nearest floor position and open the door

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