SilmhantanMobile hydraulic lifting platform/lifting platformHow to save
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Each box, distribution box,SilmhantanMobile hydraulic lifting table supply, etc. is usually kept clean, and dust on electrical equipment should be quickly swept away.The hydraulic system of the hydraulic boarding bridge has stable performance,SilmhantanFixed hydraulic lifting platform, high quality, low maintenance rate, and is sturdy and durable.Silmhantan,Attention should be paid to inspecting whether each steel wire rope has broken wires and loose strands. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it is necessary to use and operate the elevator correctly. The operators should receive systematic operation training: regular inspection of operating standards should be carried out, and any violations of elevator operation should be detectedTurkmenistan,Check the hydraulic oil quality and level. When the lifting platform is raised to a high position, the hydraulic oil level should be - millimeters higher than the bottom of the oil tank. When the color of the hydraulic oil darkens, the oil becomes sticky,SilmhantanHydraulic lifting table lifting, or there are foreign objects such as gravel in the oil, it should be replaced immediately; When there is looseness in the connection part, tighten the pipe joint.Unique design; Work; The steel frame can withstand average pressure, effectively reducing the torsion of the frame, and has stronger durability.Each department's electric brush should be kept clean, and the brush pressure should be adjusted to ensure that its area is not less than %

SilmhantanMobile hydraulic lifting platform/lifting platformHow to save

High altitude work requires the use of tool bags, and heavier and larger high-altitude work tools should be hung on stable components and cannot be placed randomly to avoid the occurrence of high-altitude falling accidents.In this machine, there will be electric brushes, and the parts between the brushes must be kept clean. Regular inspections are also required between the various bearings inside the machine, especially when adding butter to the bearings. If the butter is insufficient, it will cause severe wear and tear during the operation of the bearings, affecting the service life of the machine. There are various wires and cables inside the machine, and after a period of use, it is necessary to inspect the wires and cables. If any damage is found to the wires and cables, it is necessary to repair or replace them. Regularly check whether the screws at this connection are loose. If any screws are found to be loose they should be tightened. Some screws must meet certain torque requirements. In the absence of relevant professional equipment, you can use professional equipment to tighten the screws at the repair shop. It is necessary to ensure that the screws meet the corresponding torque requirements.At this point, if the high-altitude work platform is overloaded, it may cause damage to the components and cause some mechanical failures.Manufacturing cost,What should I pay attention to when starting a new mobile elevator? High priced and various specifications of scissor lift manufacturers welcome scrap merchants, industrial companies, enterprises, and power departments to visit and negotiate with the company!Talking about the daily maintenance and use of hydraulic lifting platform motors. Overloading is strictly prohibited, as overloading can increase the burden on the motor and in severe cases, cause the motor to burn out.High altitude work is now also very common, and elevators are also highly demanded by the market. Many high-rise transportation tasks are completed by elevators, with high efficiency and reassuring safety. However, attention should also be paid to the installation of the elevator, otherwise there may be problems and no one wants to see such a situation happen. What are the installation precautions for elevators?

SilmhantanMobile hydraulic lifting platform/lifting platformHow to save

The size of the oil cylinder should be minimized as much as possible while meeting the design requirements. The smaller the size of the oil cylinder, the faster the lifting speed.Product range, elevators are prone to some small problems and malfunctions, which requires users to perform seasonal maintenance and upkeep on the elevator. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the winter maintenance precautions and key points of the elevator.In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use hammers or other tools during installation to prevent excessive axial or radial force from damaging bearings or gears. Be sure to tighten the installation bolts before tightening the tension bolts. Before installation, clean the anti rust oil on the motor input shaft, positioning boss, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.Fault analysis of mobile elevators: Mobile elevators cannot lift or have weak lifting force: overflow valve pressure regulation does not meet the requirements: adjust the pressure to the required value; Oil cylinder internal leakage: check or exchange oil cylinder components; Clamping or internal leakage of directional valve: Check or exchange valve components; If the oil level is too low and the oil inlet filter is blocked, add enough oil and clean the filter. The fuel supply pump has drawbacks: check or exchange the pump.Silmhantan,Signature recognition of.Any product always has a break-in period when it is first used, so what precautions should we pay attention to during the break-in period when using a hydraulic lifting platform? Today, the editor will share this topic with everyone.The daily maintenance of guide rail type lifting equipment should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, eliminate faults, and achieve these benefits for improving work efficiency, extending equipment service life, and ensuring the safety performance of the elevator.

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