JiningCrawler folding arm lifting platformPurpose and scope of use
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Use a feeler gauge to check the wear condition of the worm gear of the worm gear reducer. Please refer to the instruction manual for specific requirementsCheck the clearance of the ball bearing and the wear of the suspension wheel guide wheel. If the roller is worn, it is necessary to adjust or replace it. If the elevator bearing is worn, replace the guide wheel or bearingJining, The lifting platform adopts a fully hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be operated inside the platform bucket and on the elevator body. The working arm of the lifting platform can rotate degrees. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety explosion-proof valve to prevent the main boom oil cylinder oil pipe from bursting. The hydraulic legs are equipped with a hydraulic locking device to prevent the leg oil cylinder from retracting. The hydraulic system is equipped with a platform overload automatic protection device, In order to ensure the safety of operators, each section of the working arm on platform is equipped with safety limit devices. The hydraulic system seals on platform are all well-known domestic and foreign brands, and the power of the entire vehicle is a diesel engine with its own power supply. The power supply can also be used. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with an emergency lowering device in case of power outage. The folding arm lifting platform product can also use a Hz, V power motor, and diesel engine dual power.Monthly maintenance: View weekly inspection itemsPiatra Neamt,  How to maintain and maintain the stage? When using the lifting stage in daily life,JiningMobile lifting platform scissor fork type, attention should be paid to maintenance to extend its lifespan. Below, Jinan Dasheng Hydraulic Machinery will introduce several maintenance and attention points for everyone: the brakes of each mechanism should be regularly inspected and adjusted for the clearance between the brake pads and wheels to ensure flexibility and reliability. On the friction surface, there should be no dirt present and any dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner. Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for broken wires and loose strands. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. Professional elevator manufacturers have a complete range of products, which are popular both domestically and internationally. Our equipment has a long service life! The industry leader in product wire products, welcome to inquireAdjust and correct various safety doors and mechanical interlocking equipment

JiningCrawler folding arm lifting platformPurpose and scope of use

Attention: Abnormal meshing of gear teeth should be avoided: uneven rolling of the rollers should be avoided; Avoid diagonal orientation of the guide rollers; It should be avoided that the guide rollers are kept at the same time for a long time; The above abnormal phenomena can lead to rapid wear and even scrapping of gears, rollers, and guide rails. If adjusted more carefully it will be more beneficial for the service life of the elevator.Power supply voltage: Motor power: Lifting: Rocker self reset switch operation Overload protection: Over current relay.Check and clean the driving gears and guide wheels of the elevator. If there is excessive wear, it is necessary to replace thembuild,Organize, remove rust and repaint the structural components such as the suspension cage and guide rail frame for corrosion, and reinforce the severely corroded load-bearing membersQuarterly maintenance: Check the items checked each monthSince the antirust paint on the exterior layer will actively react with the oxygen in the air especially in the cold sun or rainstorm climate, the reaction speed will be accelerated, so the exterior paint on the warehouse goods elevator will show signs of aging and then fall off every once in a while. Therefore, pay attention to its storage, and try not to leave it outdoors, let alone in cool days or rainstorm

JiningCrawler folding arm lifting platformPurpose and scope of use

After cleaning, clean the filter and replace it with a new filter element before adding new oil. What adverse reactions may occur during the early use of hydraulic cargo elevators?Meticulous workmanship,Check the oil level of the gearbox and make up for new oil if necessaryVibration aging treatment and effect judgment: According to the aging process plan, after setting the support points and vibration pickup points of the workpiece, use a rigid fixture to fix the exciter on the workpiece, and use the manual function of the equipment to test the vibration. It is determined that around revolutions is the resonance frequency of the component. The amplitude generated by the eccentric gear of the exciter in the fourth gear can meet the vibration processing requirements of the foundation seat, so the excitation force is selected as the fourth gear.Check the wear and clearance condition of the guide wheel of the cargo elevatorJining,The cleaning oil for the hydraulic system must use hydraulic oil of the same brand as the system used, with an oil temperature between and ℃. Use a large flow rate to remove impurities from the system as much as possible. The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned repeatedly three times or more. After each cleaning, fully drain the system while the oil is hot.The lifting stage can provide real-time information on the operation of the entire vehicle,JiningSelf propelled scissor fork type lifting platform truck,JiningSelf propelled lifting platform, avoiding relying solely on the experience of operators to coordinate with each other, and improving the reliability and safety of the system. The definition of safety zone is very important because the lifting stage has a large range of movements, and it must be accurately calculated. The lifting stage has two structurally separate systems, the ground turntable and the high-altitude work bar. However, for various movements on the vehicle, which needs to consider the priority of operation, system redundancy, and safety assurance of actions.Check if the usage period of the speed limiter has expired. If it exceeds the usage period, it is necessary to send it to a qualified professional unit for inspection and calibration. What are the functions of the lifting stage device?

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