HainingCentrifugal slurry pumpStructural design of low speed spindle unit
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   Then replace the pulley and pump cover plate and tighten the fixing nuts.  The seal cannot bear the water pressure at this depth. Once the water leaks, the motor will not work normally, resulting in damage to the submersible slurry pump. The biggest difference between the submersible slurry pump and the horizontal slurry pump and the vertical slurry pump is that the motor of the submersible slurry pump and the shaft connected to the pump are integrated and sealed Closed.Haining  Many customers need to replace the impeller after purchasing the slurry pump. What if the impeller of the slurry pump cannot be disassembled?   When the power supply voltage is too low, because the pump is also widely used in many rural watering. In this case,HainingCirculating hot water pipeline pump,HainingBooster pipeline pump, it may be lower than the rated voltage, so the current in the stator winding will also beSakhrah,  Vertical slurry pump is an early product. Submersible slurry pump is a new product developed with the improvement of social demand and operating environment.   If the head of the submersible slurry pump is too low or the head is higher than the practical condition, the flow will be large and the current will rise. At this time, the outlet valve can be turned down to increase the resistance to control the current.  In fact, the pumps I am going to talk about here have a wide range of uses. Pumps are required for both civil and military purposes, as well as for advanced technologies, especially in the mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial sectors. It is a widely used general mechanical equipment. Most pumps are corroded or severely corroded

HainingCentrifugal slurry pumpStructural design of low speed spindle unit

   the submersible slag pump is often used to transport pulp containing solid particles, so the wear resistance of the pipeline should also be considered.   If the deep well pump is not used continuously after running in the well, it should be started up once a week and run for - minutes to prevent the electric pump from being started due to corrosion.  The two have certain commonalities. They are both submersible. As the name suggests, the pump is in an invasive state when running. The submersible slurry pump is a kind of submersible pump,HainingSelf priming non clogging sewage pump, but generally speaking, people often say that the submersible pump refers to the clean water pump such as the submersible pump for domestic water and farmland irrigation and pumpingplan,  It will generate heat, but when it is serious, it is necessary to check whether the fan of the submersible slurry pump is damaged or rotating  Moreover, because the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, it is often troublesome to install it. Therefore, when it is used later, the place where it operates will also be limited. If the equipment will  The vertical sand pump is generally a submersible slurry pump. Its main application method is that the motor and water pump can pump up the materials that need to be escorted when they are put into underwater mining.

HainingCentrifugal slurry pumpStructural design of low speed spindle unit

  The balance ring is also disassembled; Then remove the last stage impeller and the key back, and the middle section including the guide vane; in addition, remove the impellers, middle sections and guide vanes at other levels in the same way until the submerged slag slurryFor more, please check,  Is called cavitation phenomenon.  There is a blockage in the water pump.   fold the three layers in half with self-adhesive butyl tape and gradually extend to the outside of the core. When winding, the tape shall be stretched twice, and then the three layers shall be folded in half with PVC tape to ensure that the winding part is not less than mm, and the positions of the three joints shall be staggered for a certain distance in order to prevent short circuit.Haining,   When adding lubricating oil to the pump at ordinary times, the metering must be controlled, and the excess lubricating oil in the pump must be discharged and replaced regularly.   Protective packing of shaft seal the shaft seal pump shall regularly check the sealing water pressure and water volume, keep a small amount of cleaning water flowing along the shaft regularly adjust the packing gland, the noise method directly detects the noise of the equipment in the detection process, but this measurement will also be affected by the surrounding noise, so in fact, this measurement is not very accurate.

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